Bad days to meet your lover

Seven planets patronizing seven days of the week influence also relationship between people. But success of your first meeting depends also on a set of other factors.

Days of The Week

The meeting in lunar day – Monday – promises full mutual understanding. The intuition, sensitivity – here with what presents us Long. This day to people it is simpler, than usually, they are located to understand each other – to outright, emotional communication. But the Moon, as we know, patronizes also the house therefore interest in family and household affairs, rendering moral support, the help, care about each other will be one of conditions of fruitful communication this day.

Tuesday – day of Mars, it is considered successful for any active actions. This planet allocates the person with enthusiasm, self-confidence, ability to overcome obstacles. This day as any another is good for meetings, especially business (conferences, seminars, banquets). The new acquaintances which happened on Tuesday will inspire, will introduce a new stream in your life, will help to make a decisive step forward. However, in day of Fiery Mars easily and to swear. Avoid the conflicts, be friendly and not too emotional.

Wednesday is subject to Mercury, the patron of people of intellectual work. Also, it is the planet of a friendly relationship, ease, sociability. So, you for certain make friends with that with someone got acquainted on Wednesday. This day any affairs connected with literature, exchange of information, travel, acquaintances are successful. A relationship develops easily and easy, freely from burdensome duties. But they can end also easily and suddenly, as well as began.

The acquaintances who appeared in your life on Thursday – day of Jupiter can appear very useful. This “center of gravity” of all Solar system is responsible for expansion of a field of activity, reaching new level in professional realization. Therefore, Thursday is favorable for the address to representatives of power and contacts with the powers that be. You do not stay at home, take the plunge. And, probably, this day you will meet the patron, the sponsor or the perspective business partner.

Friday it is subordinated to the goddess of love, the planet of sensual pleasures – Venus. And that says it all: Friday – the best day for love appointments and marriage. With new acquaintances whom you will meet this day harmony and consent to you it will be very comfortable. And, probably, your relationship will develop into something bigger soon.

Saturday (from a Hebrew “sabbat” (sabbath) – “rest”, “rest”) – day of Saturn. It is very difficult planet. On the one hand, it symbolizes the system of self-knowledge of the person. Therefore, on Saturdays it is recommended to be engaged in the solution of personal problems, to reflect over meaning of life. Saturn is known and as the planet of destiny – on Saturday is chance to meet the person who will affect your destiny and with whom you will be connected for many years. But at the same time ancient astrologers considered that Saturn is “the harmful planet”: if from the very beginning of acquaintance your relationship with the person was not taken, then and further you at each other will negatively act, to test each other.

It would seem, on Sunday it is the best to have a rest from everything and from all – from communication, contacts, acquaintances, from people in general. But far from it – the Sun operating this afternoon as well as Mars, possesses fiery, so, the stimulating and inspiring energy. Communication with friends, new acquaintances – all this obviously or will indirectly stimulate you on creative activity, will help to disclose your abilities and talents. You, by the way, too can act as a star – to help the friends to be implemented with something, to reveal. So solar Sunday if is intended for rest, then only for active, and communication and acquaintances this day cannot simply be avoided.

In the period of retrograde Mercury

    Retrograde means “moving back”. When planets are in a retrograde cycle, looking at the sky, apparently, that they move back. But in fact it is optical illusion because they move forward, and very quickly. Mercury is the most quickly moving planet in the Solar system rotating around the Sun each 88 days. The retrograde periods happen when Mercury passes by Earth. Did you sometime sit in the train when other train passed by you? For an instant it seems that faster moving train goes back until it at last overtakes slower. It is the same effect which happens in our sky when Mercury passes by Earth. And so, it is not recommended to get acquainted during this period as very much the planet has negative effect these special days on any new affairs and transactions. New acquaintances are extremely undesirable as they can bring many troubles and disappointments in your life.

    At the end of winter

    Your relationship will thaw, as snows of yesterday.

    On a joint of seasons

    Transition from one period of year to another – time usually restless and unstable. Why to you same relationship with the potential promised?

    During other relationship

    At first divorce or leave the bothered boyfriend, and then already build a relationship with the new gentleman. Even formal treason will not bring to your future relationship of good start and therefore at first finish the past.

    During blossoming

    You lost weight, looked younger, got prettier, and it seems, it also is the best period for acquaintance. Here not. Your potential groom will see you during blossoming, and it will have a wrong opinion that you always such. And in life there is anything, and you will not always be the ideal picture. Therefore it is more best to get acquainted when you look most usually for you. And it is even more best when you slightly were unwell. Nothing helps to understand so, how strongly the elect is capable to take care of you as his campaigns to you home to measure temperature or to give a glass of water.